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Quick Books

New in Check Factory Visual Series version 5

  • 100% .NET managed code. Uses the Windows GDI+ for all graphics operations.
  • Print to ANY Windows printer. No longer limited to specific printers.
  • Visual Form Designer. Drag and drop. Modify or create your own forms.
  • All forms are PDF format and are user modifiable.
  • Visual designers are used for all page formatting.
  • All standard graphics formats are supported. (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG)
  • Print to PDF
  • Print to EMAIL
  • Duplexing printers are supported.
  • Send each part of a multiple part form to a different printer.
  • New Windows like Security features.


  • Completely AUTOMATIC operation. Correct company, form, checking account will be selected without the need for user intervention.
    (Except Quick Books and Passport)

MICR Checks

  • One step process prints your checks and MICR encoding at the same time on blank check stock.
  • Unlimited number of checking accounts at no extra charge.
  • New Flexible Signature Security. Total control over signature graphic, signature line and words below line.
  • Automatic check signing. Up to three graphic signatures may be assigned to each checking account. Each may be assigned a dollar limit above which the signature will no longer print.
  • Multi-part checks. Each part may be assigned to a laser printer paper source bin.
  • Assign a password to each graphic signature on a check.
  • Each part of a multiple part form is completely user defined. You can add any number of graphical shapes or images.

  • Print W2's on blank paper (except for government required red copy
  • Print forms for unlimited number of companies.


  • Print forms to ANY Windows printer. No longer limited to laser printers.
  • Duplexing printers are supported. Print user defined documents on the back of each page.
  • Color printing is supported. Color is supported throughout the Check Factory designers.
  • Print to EMAIL is one step simple. Email an entire print job using embedded email addresses.
  • Print to PDF. Does not require a separate PDF print driver.
  • Print to multiple printers at the same time. Printers are defined in groups of one or more Windows printers. EMAIL and PDF included!
  • Link Forms to specific printer groups.


MICR checks require a monochrome laser printer and a "MICR" magnetic toner cartridge for printing checks. (Available from Trans-Micro)


  • New Windows like Security. Users are assigned Permission Groups for access to Check Factory features. Users are assigned Account Groups for access restrictions to checking accounts. Security may be disabled for small home office use.
  • Users can be locked out of almost any feature in Check Factory. Eliminate user created errors. Prevent unauthorized modifications.

Audit Trail

  • Creates an optional audit report for any or all checking accounts. Reports activity each time a checking account is accessed. Reports date, check number, payee amount, time, account, user name etc.


  • Using Visual Designers, import any bitmap graphic format for logos and signatures.


  • New Easy to Use Visual Form Designer. Create and Modify any form.
  • Check Factory Visual Series is based on PDF technology.


Evaluation Software

Check Factory for Quick Books v2001 and above plus Quick Books Online

Unlimited Checking Accounts, One year technical support $799.00

Call (800) 749-2335 to order.