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Check Factory Evaluation Software - Simply Computer - FHA Software

Check Factory Visual Series is built on the latest Microsoft technology. It is compatible with all Windows versions 7 and above.

Please Download and Print the SoftwareSetupGuide.

We provide a Software Setup Guide PDF file that contains specific installation instructions for each of our supported accounting software applications. Please download it and print it out prior to installing Check Factory.See the link below.

Check Factory contains Help menu items on all windows. There is no user manual. We have tried to make the software user friendly and easy to understand.

You must be a local Administrator when installing Check Factory

 The WorkstationSetupVS program will install a "Check Factory VS" printer driver on the local work station or Terminal Server. Check Factory communicates with this driver during normal operations. Users must have sufficient rights to communicate with the printer driver at all times.

Check Factory VS requires read/write access to the following folders:

The root "Check Factory for xxxx"  folder and all folders below it.

All Users\Application Data\Trans-Micro, Inc.

Check Factory VS does not write to the Registry.

Importing Version 2 Companies and Accounts

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Check Factory there is an import feature on the Utility menu that will allow you to browse to your old Check Factory data and import it. You may also run both versions concurrently. They do not interfere with one another.

Use the "Check Factory VS" printer for when printing from your application to the NEW Check Factory VS.

Use the "Check Factory" printer for when printing to the OLD Check Factory 2.xx program.

Purchase and Registration

Should you decide to purchase Check Factory, the evaluation software can be activated online. Please contact sales at 800-749-2335. You will be sent a purchase code which can be used to register and activate the software online.

Evaluation Limitations

The evaluation software is 100% functional. An Evaluation message will print diagonally down the page on all printed output. You may not save any modified forms from the Form Designer. The external PDF form files are secured so that they may not be printed or modified. The MICR routing number will print all Zeros.

Evaluation Downloads:


Software Setup Guide - FHA Software.pdf