Check Factory VS Support Issues

Please see our UPDATES page to download the most recent build of Check Factory. Updating the software or driver will resolve most issues.

Updated Documentation

Terminal Server / Citrix Installation

How does Check Factory work?
An in depth and visual explanation of how Check Factory processes a print job.

Check Format Designer.pdf or (html)The Check Format Designer
How to modify your check format. Covers moving Account Name, Bank Name, Check Numbers. Changing fonts.

Form Parts Designer.pdf

How to create and print multiple part forms. Covers creating parts, price block outs, part titles, setting up printers.

Common problems with Check Factory VS

Printer not Ready Error code -30 is received when trying to print to the Check Factory VS printer. Usually happens after a Windows Update.

Solution 1: The Check Factory program is not running. Please start Check Factory prior to your accounting application.

Solution 2:. Close Check Factory and restart the PC.

Solution 3:

Start here if you are not on version 5.1.06 or above (Version number is found in Help, About)

Very Important: Close Check Factory on ALL stations

Run the Check Factory Update Utility from here:


Download WorstationSetupVS.exe OR run the Check Factory Update Utility from here:

Navigate to the Check Factory VS for {your accounting software} folder on the server(multi user) or C drive (Single user)

Delete any old instances of WorkstationSetupVS.exe then copy the downloaded WorkstationSetupVS.exe to this folder.

Follow the rest of the steps below:

Start here if you already have v 5.1.06

Very Important: Close Check Factory on ALL stations

Navigate to the Check Factory VS for {your accounting software} folder on the server(multi user) or C drive (Single user)

Run WorkstationSetupVS.exe. Uninstall(if asked) then Install

Graphics print upside down and backwards

Check Factory versions prior to v5.00.99 had graphics issues wth the PCL6 driver resulting in upside down and backwards graphics. This has been resolved. Update to v5.4 or above. See Downloads, Updates

Check Factory renders metafiles to the Windows GDI. Some HP PCL 6 drivers cause this issue. This issue has been resolved with v5.00.99 and above. See the Updates link above. Versions prior to v5.00.99 must change the driver on your physical printer to a PCL 5 type driver.The best driver to use for ALL HP laser printers is the HP Universal Print Driver. Please download and install the PCL5 driver.

Variable "NullReferenceException" when printing or trying to access the Print Menu

You may have an empty Company record in Company Control. Go to Company Menu, Company Control. Look at the first record. If it has no Company ID delete it by clicking the delete button at the bottom of the window.

Check Factory comes up in DEMO MODE

See Add Station

Also see the Troubleshooting section on our Updates page

Pages printed through Check Factory have no data from the accounting application. 

Try logging on as a different user. Sometimes there are issues with corrupt user profiles.


Printing to the Check Factory VS printer causes your application to hang

Verify you are actually printing to the Check Factory VS printer from within your application and not to a printer that is no longer valid.

Versions prior to 5.01.06 will hang on 64bit Windows if printing from a 64bit application like Dynamics GP or SL.

Download and install the latest Check Factory VS printer driver. See Downloads, Updates.

Terminal Services and Citrix - Error 30 Printer Not Ready

Please verify you have the most rent version of the Check Factory VS executable installed. See Downloads, Updates.

Check Factory VS AND your accounting application MUST share the same ICA TS connection. It is a client side setting in the PN Agent.

Check Factory and your accounting application MUST run in the same memory space, i.e. in a desktop session environment. When your application uses the Check Factory VS printer driver it will send Windows messages out to all running applications. Check Factory listens for these messages so that it can communicate with the driver. If the driver is not able to communicate with Check Factory it will return an ERROR 30 - Printer not ready. You cannot run your application in one TS or Citrix session and Check Factory in another session. They will not be able to talk to each other. Both must run in the same session.

Print data that fills out the form looks like the page is scaled down to a smaller size.

Windows 7: Click Start Button, Fonts, Change Font Size, enable SMALL(100%) or MEDIUM(125%) fonts. LARGE(150%) fonts are NOT SUPPORTED and causes printing issues with Check Factory.

v5.00.99 or above resolves the above issue. Go to Downloads, Updates.

Check Factory installed in ProgramFiles(x86) folder on Windows 7 or Server 2008

Check Factory VS cannot and MUST NOT be installed in the ProgramFiles folder. Please use this program to move the Check Factory folder to a new location. Usually a network share so that all users can share Check Factory data. Please save this file to a temp folder on the PC whose ProgramFiles folder contains Check Factory VS. Run Move_CF and follow the prompts.