Latest Check Factory VS updates:

From time to time we make changes and repairs to the base Check Factory program. Please see the list of changes and fixes below.

"Check Factory VS" printer driver update (error -30 fix)

Update the driver if you are getting an error -30 on a station. Some Windows 10 updates are trashing third party drivers. You MUST have Check Factory VS version 5.1.06 or above. Verify under Help, About FIRST! If you do not have 5.1.06 or above use the Update Utility or WorkstationSetupVS below.

This utility will only update your "Check Factory VS" printer driver on the station. It will not update your Check Factory program file. Download and run this on any station that you are having a driver issue causing an error -30.


Also see: Support - Common Problems...

You MUST have Check Factory Visual Series  version 5.x already installed on your system to use this file.
THIS IS NOT AN UPDATE FOR CHECK FACTORY version 2. If you have version 2 you must contact our sales office and purchase version 5.

Check Factory Update Utility (Recommended Update Method)
(IT professionals may choose to download WorkstationSetupVS.exe below)

Check Factory Update Utility

Download and run the utility on a station that already has Check Factory VS installed. In most browsers you can choose download and run. In Firefox you must save and then run.

 Does not have to be saved to a specific location. Will locate any installs of Check Factory VS on the station and allow you to update your software or simply re install your Check Factory VS printer (great for correcting error -30 issues). If you are prompted with an Un Install selection please un install and then re run the update to install.

If Check Factory is in use on the current or other stations you will be notified and not be allowed to install the update until Check Factory is closed on all stations.

How to use the Update Utility:

Close Check Factory on all stations. The update utility will not allow you to update if Check Factory is open somewhere.

Select your Check Factory installation on the left.

Click the Download Update button

After the download click the Install Update button. If you have an uninstall option, uninstall first then click Install Update again to install.

The Update Utility cannot be used for Terminal Server or Citrix installations. It can be used on LAN installations and should be run from a station and not on the server.

Requires .NET 3.5 or above. Stations that have Check Factory VS installed will also have .NET 3.5 installed.


(End users should try the Update Utility above)
WorkstationSetupVS.exe Installation Instructions

1> Download the update

5.2.05 06/04/2019

5.2.02 8/2018 New Check Factory VS drivers and matching DLL's

5.1.06 06/08/2017 Fixed bug introduced in 5.1.04 where parts 2 and above of a multiple part form were not showing user defined information on the parts.

5.1.05 5/19/2017 Fixes bug introduced in 5.1.04 where signatures linked to dollar amount logic not working.

5.1.04 3/4/2017 (fixes minor problems introduced in 5.1.03. Signatures - Print Options exception and duplicate parts not sent to correct printer tray)

5.1.03 02/14/2017 (fixes: issues with job queueing.)

5.1.02 7/18/16 (fixes a crash when saving using one of the graphic designers)

5.1.01 (original release 5/26/16. compiled for use with the Amyuni v5.5 and below drivers)

WorkstationSetupVS.exe (web installer -  Internet connection required. 14 megs) *Recommended*

Check Factory MUST be closed on all stations any time you run WorkstationSetupVS

If prompted, Uninstall, then run WorkstationSetupVS again to install.

2a> LAN with workstations or Single User:

a> Close Check Factory on ALL stations or reboot each station

b> Save the above WorkstationSetupVS.exe to your "Check Factory for xxxx" folder (usually found on your server. If Single User, there will be a Check Factory VS for **** off the C root). WorkstationSetupVS cannot be run from any other folder.

 Do not maintain multiple versions of WorkstationSetupVS in this folder. Running an older version of WorkstationSetupVS may break your installation for ALL users.

c> (Network)> From a station, navigate to the Check Factory VS folder on the server. Remember - Check Factory MUST be closed on all stations any time you run WorkstationSetupVS from any station.

Run WorkstationSetupVS. If you are asked to unistall you must uninstall first then run WorkstationSetupVS again to install.

c> (Single user) > Navigate to the Check Factory VS folder on your PC.

 Run WorkstationSetupVS. If you are asked to unistall you must uninstall first then run WorkstationSetupVS again to install.

If you get Access denied, DLL or file in use errors - it means that Check Factory is open on this station or another station. WorkstationSetupVS is attempting to replace files that may be in use on the server share. Close Check Factory on all stations and try again. In rare instances you may have to reboot the stations and possibly the server.

WorkstationSetupVS will install the most recent Check Factory VS driver on the station and the most recent DLL's and EXE's to theCHeck Factory VS  BIN folder on the server.

 This will put you on the latest release with the latest driver.

You may not have more than one production "Check Factory VS for xxx" folder at any time unless you have a separate license for each one.

2b> Terminal server or Citrix server:

Make sure all sessions have closed Check Factory.

Place the primary server in INSTALL MODE and run WorkstationSetupVS from inside the Check Factory VS folder. If you get an access denied error it is because Check Factory is open in a session and the installer is trying to replace files in the Check Factory BIN folder.

Secondary servers:
Place the server in install mode. Navigate to the Check Factory VS folder on the primary server. Run WorkstationSetupVS.

3> Finally:

Test each station. Run Check Factory VS and minimize. Open either notepad or your accounting software and print someting to the Check Factory VS printer. Check Factory should pop up with no errors. If you get an Error -30 or an Error -41 reboot the station, navigate to the Check Factory VS folder on the server and run WorkstationSetupVS. Do a repair if prompted.

Note for: Dynamics GP, SL - Sage Platinum
Check Factory must be upgraded to our most recent release in order to work with 64bit versions of Dynamics SL and Dynamics GP otherwise SL and GP will hang when printing on 64bit Windows. Once the version is upgraded to 5.02.01 or above go to Settings, Settings, ApplicationSettings(Advanced). Set the "Source File Capture Method" to 64 bit capture.

Trouble Shooting:

NEVER reinstall or uninstall using the original setup program. NEVER!

99% of all problems can be resolved by rebooting each station (do not start Check Factory VS after the reboot), and then navigate to the Check Factory VS folder on the server and run WorkstationSetupVS on the station. Do not run Check Factory VS on any station untill all stations have been upgraded.

Access errors or file in use errors on files in the BIN folder

The workstation installer is attempting to replace the EXE and DLL's in the BIN folder and they are in use on other stations.

Close Check Factory on all stations. It may be helpful to reboot the stations so there is no possibility that any Check Factory files are in use.

Error -30 Printer not acivated

Check Factory is not running and minimized prior to printing within your accounting software.

 If you are experiencing a situation where a 64bit PC is hanging, see the note above re: Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL. Set the source file capture method to "64 bit capture"

Error -41 Printer Activation Error

Some or all of the driver files were not installed or updated because the user was not logged on as a local admin.

Reboot the station.  Log in to the station as a LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR. Do not run Check Factory after the reboot. We are installing drivers here so you have to be logged on as an admin.

Download and run WorkstationSetupVS.exe per above instructions.

Last resort - All else fails try this:

Clean Install - No Data Loss

Amyuni Printer Driver Removal Tool

Obsolete -  Above should resove any driver issues.

Instructions for tool use are on the menu bar when you run the program.

Save this file to the:
"Check Factory for xxx\WorkstationSetupFiles\Install Check Factory Printer" Folder

This file is also installed when you download and run the above WorkstationSetupVS.exe file.

Use this tool if running WorkstationSetupVS again does not resolve your printing issue.

Use this tool if the printing process is hanging when you print to the Check Factory VS printer or you get an

Error 30 condition when printing to the Check Factory VS printer that simply running WorkstationSetupVS

will not resolve.

You have a DLL conflict with the Amyuni PDF printer driver that we license.

Other programs at one time or another have installed various versions of the driver.

The only solution is to remove all versions of the driver and start anew.