How to install Check Factory on Windows 8.x or Windows 10

Important! Make sure Check Factory VS is closed on ALL stations

1> Verify

Verify you are a LOCAL administrator on the local PC and that you have read/write rights on the server share.

Verify that Check Factory on ALL stations is closed (not just minimized). You may want to look in the task manager to make sure. Look for CF_V5.exe

2> Enable .NET 3.5

Open Control Panel, Programs and Features. Click "Turn Windows Features on or off.

Enable .NET Framework 3.5 (Includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)

Enable .NET 3.5

3> Run WorkstationSetupVS.exe

From the Win8 or Win10 station, navigate to the Check Factory VS for xxxxx folder on the server share or locally if it is a single user install.

Run WorkstationSetupVS.exe. If it is already installed, uninstall it first then run WorkstationSetupVS.exe again. Accept all the defaults.

3> Verify the installation

You should have a Check Factory VS icon on your desktop and a Check Factory VS for xxxx listing in your Apps window.

Under Devices and Printers you should see the Check Factory VS printer. It uses the Amyuni PDF driver.

4> Test the Installation

Open Check Factory VS and minimize

Open NotePad. Type a line or two of text in NotePad. Click the NotePad file menu, Print. Choose the Check Factory VS printer. Click OK to print. Check Factory should pop up. Click Cancel. We now know the installation is working.

Please follow the SoftwareSetupGuide.PDF located in the Check Factory VS for xxxx folder for specific instructions for operation with your accounting software.